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Fire Safety can be overwhelming for children so it is important they stay aware of the rules for the event of a Fire without feeling worried of frightened about the event.

At Kentlincs we provide a huge range of Fire Safety services in Kent and South-East. Our Fire technicians attend schools, nurseries and other childcare providers to ensure the premises meet all of the requirements.

There are 5 golden rules we have put together for the use of schools and childcare settings to provide enough information for children to feel confident of the expectations in the event of a fire, without overwhelming them with lots of information. 

Organisations are obligated to carry out at least one fire drill per year, however with the level of risk within childcare settings we would reccommend carrying out a fire drill for your staff and children every term to ensure that everyone feels confident and aware of the procedures. 


Staff Fire Training is an essential part of your organisation, at kentlincs we carry out remote Staff Fire training where our Fire Technicians can come to you to train your staff members. 

If you would like to speak to a member of Kentlincs Fire Safety to discuss how we can ensure your premises meet necessary requirements please call us today on 01634 258238 or email us at fire@kentlincs.com