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Configured for education

We understand the pressures that schools and nurseries are under and in particular the financial restraints frustrating your desire to improve the learning environment for the children in your care. Versatile and adaptable, they can also be reconfigured should your requirements for space change.


Portable Classrooms

What is a portable classroom?

A portable classroom (also known as a demountable or relocatable classroom, portables), is a type of portable building installed at a school to temporarily and quickly provide additional classroom space where there is a shortage of capacity.

Why do school’s need portable classrooms?

The main purpose of school portables, also called modular classrooms or prefab buildings, is to serve as temporary classroom space, particularly when schools must quickly accommodate growing student populations

How big is a portable classroom?

Portable Classrooms range from 800 to 6,000 square feet or more of comfortable classroom space, perfect for your additional on-site learning environment needs.

Safety Features for Modular buildings

  • Anti-scald taps
  • Door & window finger guards
  • Lighting proven to enhance learning
  • Electronically controlled roof sky lights with automated ventilation management and rain sensors
  • Alternative resource provision upgrades:
    • Intervention rooms
    • Access control on external doors
    • Heavy duty plasterboard to provide increased impact resistance & sound proofing to a 35db rating

Kentlincs can supply and install Portable classrooms

Our team are fully skilled in providing portable/ modular classrooms and furnishing them to a high standard to ease the pressures of providing additional capacity for your Nursery or Childcare Setting. They are a cost -effective solution and will enable your business to allocate more spaces for children.

If you would like more information on how Kentlincs can help you please call 01634 258238