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Emergency Lighting in Kent


All businesses are required to have suitable emergency lighting installed, note only for the use of persons within the building but should the Fire and Rescue Services attend in the hours of darkness. Where the electrical power is either isolated or cut off this would allow some lighting in escape routes and outside final exits.

Where is Emergency Lighting required?

Emergency lighting is required to be fitted along escape routes, both inside and outside the building, at changes of levels and change of routes, on stairs, toilets, plant rooms, kitchens and in other specific location defined in BS5266.

How can Kentlincs help?

We can offer an installation service of you emergency lighting requirements where its for a small office or warehouse facilities, taking over service or replacement of existing faulty emergency lighting.

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Box light Illuminated sign

One of the acceptable methods

Blade light illuminated sign

It is worth noting that some emergency lighting may be of the box legend, blade light or bulkhead lighting units fitted with fire safety legends on the front.

These are now considered to be illuminated signs rather than emergency lighting, and that an additional emergency light should be fitted within two metres. The reason is for the reduced level of light output in low light conditions.