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Fire Extinguishers with Kentlincs


In order to comply with the regulatory reform order (Fire Safety) 2005 if it is vital that you have annual check completed on your fire extinguishers. We can provide this service for you.

Why Kentlincs? 

Our Fire technicians are NOT on commission!! A common complaint from businesses regarding their fire safety is that when handed the invoice they have been charged more than expected for extra’s. We don’t charge for the small things such as washers and labels, if we do need to carry out anything when added costs may occur our technician will get authorization first from you.


Fire extinguishers, BS5306 part 3 and part 8

At Kentlincs, the fire extinguisher service we offer includes the required consumables where some other companies make charges for. Our service is carried out to BS5306 part 3 and future amendments, and will include on the service visit:- all seals, pins, washers, labels, tamper tags, gauge pressure testing (where required) gauge cover patch.

New fire extinguishers are provided to the correct cover and travel distances defined in BS5306 part 8.

Should you have purchased your own fire extinguishers from many of the online suppliers, we also provide a commissioning service which is required before you can legally install these fire extinguishers within your premises.

Do I need Fire Extinguishers?

If you are providing a building or premises for use of employee’s, customers or occupants it is vital that you provide the correct Fire Safety Equipment and precautions. Call us today if you are unsure on 01634 258238. 

Can I buy my own Fire extinguishers online?

When it comes to Fire Safety it is important to speak to specialists to ensure you have the correct items to provide adequate cover. If you buy them online they will need to have a commissioning service before they are installed and also be manufactured to EN3 standards. 

How often do I need fire extinguishers serviced?

A competent service provider would be required to carry out a full service annually on all fire extinguishers and first aid fire fighting equipment within your premises.

What happens if I don't have any Fire Safety equipment in my premises?

Your business insurance may become invalid, and you will not comply with the regulatory reform order (Fire safety) 2005. In the event of a fire you could face prosecution.

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Our Fire Safety technicians are NOT on commission!

You will not be receiving any unexpected charges! All smart parts are included in our initial quote.

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