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Commercial Safety Surfacing

We endeavor to provide as much safety as possible within your setting. This can be offered with Kentlincs in several different forms. We would advise accordingly to your requirements and budget. 

We cover Kent, Essex, Sussex, London and home counties. If you are looking to get a quote on safety surfacing we are happy to provide a free quote for you.

Wet Pour

One of the most desireable safety surfaces is Wet pour, this can be provided in many colours and can contain various designs, such as road ways, numerals, letting etc. This can be installed at various depths to adhere to any critical fall of heights required.

We are proud members of RoSPA

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is a British charity that aims to save lives and prevent life-changing injuries which occur as a result of accidents.

Fully Disclosure & Barring Service Checks

As some of our contracted clients are schools and nurseries our staff are fully Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked meaning they are allowed to work in any environment where children are present.

Rubber Mulch

Very similar to wet pour but gives a more rustic look, perfect for woodland trails and all the benefits of timber bark, with the mess. Rubber Mulch is great for soil moisture as the rubber is a non-porous material and won’t allow any water to seep through the surface and absorb into the ground below. It acts as a weed barrier and reduces risk of fungus to grow.

Artificial Grass

Artifial grass provides an eco friendly solution for your landscapes, with less mess, low maintenance and will look bright and well seasoned in the winter aswell as the summer. Using artifical grass allows us to be a bit more imaginative with our designs aswell as gives us an opportunity to be a bit more flexible with budgets.

Want something a bit different for your setting?

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