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Fire safety training for Kent and surrounding areas.

It is a legal undertaking that your staff have the basic understanding of fire safety and training.

We can provide fire training to your staff or fire Wardens / Marshalls which covers a theory element and a practical element rather than a familiarisation which normally covers how to operate a fire extinguisher, however we can provide this level of training also.

Which ever of our services you may be considering, we provide a no charge, no obligation site visit followed by a formal quotation.

Get the right training

Whether you have appointed Fire Wardens or Fire Marshalls to provide your staff and customers with the adequate management in the event of a fire or would like to ensure that all of your employees have obtained a level of knowledge, Kentlincs are happy to help. We have the tools to carry out a remote training session at your premises so you can train staff during a lunch hour and avoid losing too much time out of your working day. Get in touch to find out more about our staff fire training and speak to our Fire Safety team at Kentlincs. 

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Fire extinguishers explained

Our Fire Safety trainer will discuss with your staff the uses of each Fire Extinguisher, when and when not to use these in an event of a fire.

Key elements of fire safety

Our Trainer will discuss with your team in brief the key elements to feed and put out a fire and what potential hazards you will find in the workplace.

A bespoke training session to your workplace

Not all premises and industries carry the same risks, so it is important to identify the flammable substances or fire hazards specific to your business to warn your employees and provide adequate training.

Practical Training

It is vital that your staff are given the opportunity to build their confidence in effectively using an extinguisher. We provide the necessary training and allow everybody an opportunity to use a fire extinguisher.